Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I should mention

The pictures of jewelry that I was taking were for my second Etsy shop- Lolalita's Treasury. My grandma on my dad's side is Lola (Lola Fern to be exact) and on my mom's side my grandma is Carmelita- hence- Lolalita. It is my more elegant and beautiful crafts. So, hop over to Etsy and check it out. Let me know what you think. While you are there, if you see something you love- remember that there is a Free Shipping sale going on through September 15th to celebrate the grand opening. As i build my shop, I am adding things every day. I forgot how much work this all is. Making the beautiful jewelry, taking the frustrating pictures, writing store policies, creating a banner, creating descriptions, determining tags- whew- I'm getting tired just thinking about it. OH and don't get me started on promoting. If you want to see some more detail on any jewelry below- click on the picture and it will jump you to the listing.

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