Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sneaky Sneaky

Its almost like this new Twitter Mom's blog contest was made for me (you can check it out and enter the contest yourself here). Twiter Moms and Horizon Little Blends want to know how moms sneak fruits and veggies into their toddler's diet.
As anyone who knows me knows, I am very health conscience. This means that I not only have to sneak yummy fruits and vegetables into our kids' diets but also into my boyfriend's diet. To successfully keep everyone on board with eating healthy, I have to be creative. Some of my tried and true methods:
  • Shred carrots and put them in meatloaf, hamburger patties
  • Instead of meat or sausage in tomato sauce, I add squash, onion, chunks of tomato
  • Stir Fry with lots of vegetables
  • Add lots of vegetables into casseroles and lasagna
  • Let the kids pick the fruits and vegetables that they want. Kids are more likely to eat them if they are involved in choosing.
  • Let them help cook. Kids will be so proud of what they made that the usually eat it up
  • Smoothies are an easy and fun way to get everyone involved in eating fruit
  • Ranch dressing goes a long way with vegetables!
  • Add peanut butter or cheese to celery (yummy)
  • Add bananas to cereal, pancake mix, peanut butter sandwiches

What are some ways you sneak in food? Include your blog post here when you enter this Twitter Mom's contest!

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