Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recycling is Good!!

I'm often impressed by the fabulously creative things that people make on Etsy. So today, I am featuring some of my favorite eco friendly goods. As always, if you see something you love, click on the picture or the shop like to support these incredible artists.

These funky swirly sun earrings are awesome and made from recycled Coca-Cola cans. Brought to us by FunkyRecycling, who has an extensive list of adorable recycled goods- including pendants, earrings, magnets and much much more.


An AWESOME Jimi Hendrix collage piece. This is actually made with little pieces of magazine clippings and sealed with Modge Podge. This was created by Revamped Art.

My mouth dropped when i found out that this gorgeous cuff is made out of an industrial cardboard tube. I had NO idea that cardboard could be so classy!! Created by ButternutSquash

ImoTime makes hands down the strangest collection of clocks I have EVER been witness to. This clock is made with a men's restroom sign- seriously. You have to check out the entire assortment.

This great wallet is actually made from a vintage tie and an old wool suit! This is a completely unique alternative to the boring black or brown wallets but it still masculine. Check more out at PrixPrix

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