Thursday, September 3, 2009

Think outside of the box promoting

I have been working to research and implement great promotions for my Etsy stores. I have ordered some fabulous business cards but wanted to do something to make my shop unique and memorable. I found this adorable project online and think that it is fantastic!
My mind started spinning with ideas when I found this little bee clothespins project. I think that they would be cute to use them to clip business cards to send to buyers or in promotional bags. I am also going to do my first craft show in November and thought it would be cute to have baskets with price tags clipped with the bee.

1. Paint a clothes pin with yellow pain. I painted one side yellow.

2. Then I painted strips of black over the yellow.

3. While the paint dried, I cut about an inch off of a 4 cup coffee filter

3. Pinch the coffee filter in the middle to make the wings.

4. I opened the end of the clothes pin and put the wings between the wood and the spring.

5. Here is the finished product. You could paint a little face on it, add googly eyes or make antennas out of pipe cleaners. I like mine simple for my project.

Cute, right! And they were so easy and so cheap. What kinds of promoting do you use? What can you repurpose to work for your shop?? At the have many crafts using clothespins- including an alligator that is easy and adorable.

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  1. Cute! I'm loving these crafty ideas!


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